What is the New Apprenticeship Scheme All About?

“If you want an Apprenticeship, we’re going to make sure you do the best Apprenticeship in the world.”
David Cameron, 28th October 2013

Apprenticeships are going to change! We went along to the BMW mini plant on Monday 28th October to hear all about it directly from David Cameron.

The basic principle of the new Apprentice scheme is that the Government is keen to develop more robust Apprenticeship standards throughout all training providers.

Here at ACE Training we have always believed in thorough and work focused learning, and the programmes we offer are of a very high standard. However, depending which Apprenticeship you choose there are some courses available across the UK offering Apprenticeships with very little training and academic support. This is one thing the Government is looking to address through its new scheme.

The other important change is that the new Apprenticeships will be different to the current courses. Relevant employers, known as ‘Trailblazers’ will design the new learning schemes and assessments, which is great for our learners. The Government is ensuring that these qualifications are relevant in the current jobs market, and that the training received by each candidate is exactly what the employer needs.

The change that’s great for ACE Training is that all Apprenticeships will have a mandatory ‘off-the-job’ element – this is where we come in! The Government has recognised the importance of training outside of the workplace and the great opportunity for Apprenticeships to meet one another, share experiences and learn in a college environment.

Quick facts:

  • The Government want Apprenticeships to be more rigorous & respond to the needs of employers.
  • Apprenticeships will be employer-led, this means that the current framework will be changed, and new assessments will be introduced.
  • All Apprenticeships will last for a minimum of 12 months & ‘off-the-job’ training will be a requirement of every course.
  • Employers who are involved in setting the standards for the new Apprenticeships will be known as ‘Trailblazers’.

The Government aim to roll out the new Apprenticeship system to all new Apprentice starts by 2017/18, but the process of change will start straight away.

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