Say hello to Bob, who will run our new Bench Joinery courses!

Start of a new era this week as we welcomed Bob Ainsworth to ACE.  Bob will head up the new Bench Joinery provision and we’ll be running those Apprenticeships from 1st August.  We caught up with Bob at the end of his first day for a quick word…….

So what are you going to be doing at ACE then, Bob?

I’m setting up the new Bench Joinery courses but at the moment, I am learning the ropes here!

How did your first day go?

My first day I felt went well and I am getting to know the learners.

What appealed to you about coming to work at ACE? 

I have always needed a challenge and I feel that ACE will give me the challenge I need.  Helping to set up the new courses and finding new students is something I have always enjoyed and been successful doing so I hope to carry on with my success at ACE Training.

Tell us a wonderful fact about yourself!

I am a Morris dancer!  You will either love it or laugh.  I don’t care, its great fun. It also keeps me fit and active.

And most importantly, Bob… do you take your tea?

Tea I have hot with milk and a sweetener, please!

Bob sharing pearls with Shaun!
Bob sharing pearls with Shaun!

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