Community Works in Witney at African Childrens Fund shop

A little while ago, we were promoting our ‘Community Works’ programme on the Twitter forum #WitneyHour and looking for projects in need of support, when Tamsyn Wymer from the African Childrens Fund responded to say that their wooden steps to their outside store room had begun to show signs of decay and were in need of urgent attention. So, what else could we do, with winter setting in, but get out there and help!

It took a while getting some of our lads free and available for the work among other projects, but we got there eventually last week. After measuring up, and making the existing steps safe, we built the replacement steps in kit form back at ACE and fitted them last Thursday and Friday. We thought we were just helping the great people at the charity shop but Tamsyn described the full impact of having our trainee carpenters carry out the work instead of a hiring a commerical joinery firm;

“As a small charity – where every 7p means we can keep a child in school by providing them with a nutritious porridge meal – it is essential that we keep our non-project costs to a minimum. We estimate the savings we have been able to make through ACE stepping in are enough to pay for our Kenyan Porridge Clubs – where 2,000 children receive daily nourishment – for around 3 weeks. We are proud to support ACE Training’s trainees by giving them the chance to put their new found skills into practice in a ‘real life’ scenario and are incredibly grateful to the whole team for completing such a high quality job.”

The work was supervised by tutors Tim Ousley and Keith Smith, who were delighted to get the job done before the weather gets really bad and damage the old steps even more. Keith said; “The ‘Community Works’ programme is about us supporting local projects and charities who need our skills, while giving our students real work experience in the process. When we heard about how unsafe the stairs had become, we just wanted to get involved and help out. This is also great experience for the students to feel the pride that comes from putting their skills to use for a good cause.”

We were staggered that the savings made such an impact both in Witney and for the people they support, and proud to be able to help out. We’re always looking for new projects so please get in touch via Twitter @training_ace We are holding an Open Morning this Saturday 22nd November and looking for new students to fill our Apprenticeship vacancies. Come and see us!

Pictures below of the lads at work, Robert Hill, Jamie Morgan and Joe Wyatt, along with Tim and Keith and the team at the shop.





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