Say hello to Rachel, new ACE Tutor!

Latest new member of the team started with us recently when we welcomed Rachel Fletcher to ACE Training. We grabbed a few minutes with her for a quick chat…..

Tell us about yourself and what you’ll be doing at ACE?
I have 10 years of experience in education, starting off as a primary school teacher in Sweden. When I came back to the UK, I worked in FE Colleges as a lecturer, and also as a Literacy/Language and Numeracy Specialist and Co-ordinator. Working at ACE I will be Tutoring and Mentoring trainees and apprentices to develop their Literacy/Language, Numeracy and personal/social skills.

How did your first day go?
First day went very well, thanks! It was great to meet new colleagues and just get used to being here. It was good to observe the learners in the workshop, carrying out their vocational tasks.

What appealed to you about coming to work at ACE?
Having relocated to Oxford I was looking for tutoring work in the area and happily had options. Having worked in colleges, I like the fact that ACE provides a dedicated, specialist service and focuses on the needs of the learners; it is a progressive company. The focus is purely on providing solutions to training and skills shortages within the construction industry, working closely with employers and providing something different for employers and learners than they can get from other providers

Tell us a wonderful fact about yourself!
I can lick my own elbow (Rachel later confessed this was a LIE. Apparently it’s impossible to do!)

And finally….how do you have your tea?
Earl Grey please with a splash of milk

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