Shortage of Brick Workers in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is preparing for a dramatic shortage of brickworkers after years of failing to invest in young trainees.

Large Oxford firms are struggling to recruit young bricklayers to fill the positions of retiring tradesmen and with major housing developments beginning in Banbury, Witney and Bicester, building firms need trained young workers for trade jobs.

Oxford Brickwork Ltd is a large brickwork specialist based in Cumnor, taking on projects from Buckinghamshire to Northamptonshire and all surrounding areas.

Peter Allan, the proprietor, is using ACE Training to recruit new bricklayers for his expanding business. ACE offer Pre-Apprentice training in brickwork to school leavers so that they can gain the basic skills of the trade before being taken on as Apprentices to brickwork firms; this means they are able to work from day one.

Mr Allan says:

“Knowing that the number of brickwork jobs in Oxfordshire will increase in the next few years we would like to take on more staff.”

“We are constantly trying to recruit with almost zero response.”

“We are losing bricklayers faster than gaining them and virtually none have been trained in the last 5 years.”

Both Oxford Brickwork Ltd and ACE Training have recognised a shortage of experienced bricklayers in Oxfordshire and Mr Allan feels it is critically important that more bricklayers are attracted to the industry from school.

So far Oxford Brickwork Ltd has successfully trained two Apprentices with ACE and is currently training a third, Liam Jenkinson. Liam is working towards his NVQ Level 2 in Brickwork and thriving at ACE. Mr Allan hopes that these Apprentices will progress within the company to become bricklayers, foremen and beyond.

“We have young bricklayers who hopefully will be with us for a long time and replace older bricklayers and foremen in due course”

ACE Training is looking for new employers to offer construction Apprenticeships to keen young workers. The college has skilled Pre Apprentices ready to move into work in both Brickwork and Site Carpentry.

If you are interested in taking on an Apprentice please contact Vanessa on 01865 370040, or drop us a line to find out more.

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