Say hello to……Lyndsey! New Apprentice Liaison at ACE!

We’ve recently said a big hello to Lyndsey Fitzpatrick who joined ACE recently and has well and truly hit the ground running as our new Apprentice Liaison. We caught up with Lyndsey shortly after her appearance on BBC Radio Oxford (more on that later)….

Tell us about yourself and what you’ll be doing at ACE?

Hi, I’m Lyndsey I will be the new Apprentice Co-ordinator, so my job essentially will involve everything from Apprentice Recruitment to ensuring apprentice files are up to date and reviews take place on time. In addition to this if the apprentices encounter any problems either on site or at ACE Training I will be there to support them.

How did your first day go?

I was really nervous on my first day but everyone was really welcoming and friendly so managed to get over it!

What appealed to you about coming to work at ACE?

After many years working in retail I really wanted a change of direction but I worried I would get bored in a normal office role. With Ace there is so much variety within my role and so many different aspects of college life that I can get involved such as inducting new students into the college or going out into the community and attending careers fairs that everyday is very different.

Tell us a wonderful fact about yourself!

Everything about me is wonderful!! Joking, I will try and think of something!! [Still waiting, Lyndsey!]

And finally….how do you have your tea?

Don’t do tea!

Now…back to what we were saying about BBC Radio Oxford. Lyndsey took Adam’s usual place on the Kat Orman show on Monday reviewing the news and talking about what’s going on at ACE. You can listen here from 11:20 to Lyndsey’s appearance, talking about, amongst other things the weekly ACE Job Club and the fact that demand for construction apprentices is currently outstripping supply!

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